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In Gay Culture, once a man turns 30, his sexual and social desirablility decreases to practically nil (except to Daddy Chasers who like their men older) because he has crossed the threshold into "gay old", or "gayncient". This literally occurs overnight.

Many gay men try to circumvent this by lying about their age (usually subtracting anywhere from 2 to 5 years from their actual age) on dating apps like grindr and Scruff, or becoming gym rats. Ironically, gym rats often turn body fascist, dating only men they deem "fit enough".
TWINK: Hey, Stud. How's it going tonight?
ADAM: Great! How about we go back to my place?
TWINK: I thought you'd never ask.

The following week, after Adam's 30th birthday:

ADAM: Hey, you! How've you been?
TWINK: Ugh. Why is this tired old queen talking to me?
ADAM: ...
ADAM: ... OMG, I'm gayncient!
by StSeanoftheKnife June 24, 2017
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