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1. overcompensation of machismo that is overshadowed by the subject's obvious latent homosexuality generally characterized by attire such as butt-rock t-shirts and other such macho-bullshit that's asinine.

2. any fan of 90's nu-metal bands such as slipknot or mudvayne who espouse the attitude of that wave of crappy music in the late 90's. or any fan of hair-metal from the 80's such as motely crue or whatnot that feels as though this makes them masculine.

3. an excessively aggressive male who uses any excuse to get intimately close to other men even if it involves resorting to violence in order to satiate the latent homosexual feelings he harbors.

4. any male by which life is defined by the male's latent homosexuality he harbors that causes him feelings of constant anger that can only be absolved by getting anally penetrated by the men he denies his love for and as he never will cop to his homosexuality will spend his life in a perpetual state of anger and denial.
steven: "Dude! You see that guy with the guns n' rosese shirt listening to pantera with the mullet over there? he's totally gay-macho!"

mike: "yeah but don't let him hear you say that or he might come over and start shit bro."

steven: "yeah a gay-macho guy like that would love to touch me anyway he can."
by blagwell December 06, 2009
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