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When you're gay and you really like some guy (and you're not sure of his sexual orientation) and you end up being BFFs. You take the leap of faith and tell him and you get completely dumped. Worse than the friendzone because you don't just have zero chance, you have negative chance.
Man, you hook up with that ambiguous-orientation boy you like yet?

Other Person:
Naw, I got gay friendzoned. I really thought he would be into me, we were such good friends.

{true story}
by wolfboy180 May 19, 2014
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When not only are you put in the friendzone, you're put in the 'you're basically my gay best friend' zone. Less than like a sister (when you're a guy) zone but more than the like a brother zone.
"Hey, bro, did you get it in?"
"Aw, man, didn't you hear? He's been gay friendzoned."
by catttttttttttttt August 07, 2013
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