a silent fart that is often difficult to hear because it just seeps out of your A-hole as if the hole was very loose (like after a penis has been in there).
Guy Ones A-Hole:"puffffffff" (gay fart noise)

Guy Two : hahaha, looks like some ones been recieving penis"
by Miss. L. January 23, 2008
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An act of flatulence that tends to smell like semen as if gay butt sex has taken place at one point. Homosexuals tend to enjoy gay farts by flatuating gay farts in one anothers mouths.
"Yo dog I just got my ass pounded hard!"

"No way Steve, I'm so jealous."

"Not to worry my homosexual friend, lucky for you I got a case of the gay farts."

"OH MY LANTA!!! Get your sweet ass over here and fart in my mouth."

"Nothing would please me more."
by Dean McAwesome February 13, 2009
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The act of a man farting on another man’s penis during gay intercourse.
by Boipussy December 18, 2022
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When a grown man invades someone’s home just to put a person’s flatulence into a jar
That weirdo! He’s nothing but an Ohio Gay Fart Collector
by Mike ox lone 6969 February 28, 2023
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