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The former govenor of New Jersey, James McGreevey, who resigned from office due to a totally different scandal.
I don't care if your govenor is the Terminator, we were the first state to be governed by a gay American.
by JDW May 04, 2005
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A Happy Go-Lucky American!
INTELLECTUAL: All my friends are GAY some time, even my FAG friends!

Intellectual: I'm just your average Gay American. I am out to have a GAY OLE time.

IDIOT(IQ below 40): Your a fagot American?

Intellectual: Hell NO, you Nazi NOOBEs. Don't you have any sense to know the difference between Gay and Fag?

I"ll spell it out for you, G a y= an E M O T I O N

Fag= some thing V E R Y Q U E E R, some who twist the TRUTH into a LIE, something that spreads AIDES, and the ONLY time you see a Fag "GAY" is in those FAG PARADES, but not so GAY in the Hospital dying of AIDES, Oh hell no just the opposite, VERY "SAD" instead!
by Absolutes September 28, 2011
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