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A nickname for only thee sexiest, coolest, wholly the most divine creature and irrevocably scandalous person you could ever have in your life.
As much as we all love bragging about having a 'gavzies' in our lives, many faults are associated with these rare and mysterious creatures. 'Gavzies' are naturally drawn to anything with open legs and big boobs. The female population tends to be jealous of this maneuver, but don't you fret ladies, because this act is 84% involuntary. Snatch up your 'gavzie' while there's still some left.
Now I'm well aware that there are still a few straggling members of humanity who refuse to believe the workings of 'gavzies.' Wash away those doubts, fellow comrades. A 'gavzie' is the best gift you could ever give yourself. Without my 'gavzie' I would be in a puddle of my own shame, misery, and anguish. Depression would be lingering in every aspect of my foreboding life. As long as I keep my one and only tightly by my side, my skies will be sunny for eternity. 'Gavzies' don't simply just melt your heart. They'll take every piece of it, one by one, and secure it safely to their own, providing you a life of pure love.
"Without my gavzie, my life would be a bottomless pit of hatred."

Friend 1: "Oh my goodnes, I cannot see! Someone, please help!"
Friend 2: "I'm terribly sorry, I forgot to put my gavzie in my pocket this morning. He's just too cute for the world to see."
by Rolyat & Company July 08, 2011
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