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1. To vigorously copulate with a female.
2. To utilize a stab wound as though it were female genitalia.
A: Hello naked man. May I inquire as to why your penis possesses a coating of coagulated blood, vaginal drippings, and saliva?

B: Certainly. A moment ago I gashthrashed your mum.

A: Gashthrashed you say?

B: Perhaps a demonstration would clarify matters?

A: By all means; proceed.

B: *pulls out large hunting knife*

A: AaaaaaHURGLE!!! GUH....GUH!!! Hyuuurgh!!! Keh, keh, keh AHHHHEEEEEE-URGH!!! GoOoOorgle, HOLK!!! I am expiring! *fecal discharge and flatulence*
by Mediocrites_the_Average September 21, 2009
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