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when a man lays his erect wilf on a womans sagged klimt, the woman will tighten her vulva and retract it back and forth thrusting the wilf to penatrate the upper lip.
Margret and Edward were in bed and wanted to try something new, he lay his wrinkled cock onto her saggy lips and just lay it ontop. she then tightened her old stinkin fanny and made her vulva tighten its rat wings onto it, he came in a second. They called it a gash wank
by joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 24, 2006
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You have a gashwank when a girl see's a really hot guy and prtetends to wank over him doing the wanking motion ;)
oooh hes a Gashwank
by Sarah'n'Kimmii August 30, 2010
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