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An attractive or hot girl/women/milfs who you'd like to bang. But if you get caught banging her you'll be in some gangsta trouble, so she's the bait that lures you into gangsta situations. They tend to be the girls that gangstas go for or have as girlfriends, trophywives and escorts.
They tend to be dressed in brand name clothing, use fake lashes, have styled and dyed hair and use a lot of makeup.

They can be mot not necessarily be dramaqueens, golddiggers, trophywives.
Guy #1: Hey man, did you see the girl that just walked by, she was eyin us down!
Guy #2: Yeah definitely gangstabait, too hot for me!

Guy #1:Hows the club tonight?
Guy #2: Packed with GBs.

Oh man you see that guy over there with all the gangstabaits?
by dustin | recoil April 05, 2008
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