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1.Gandhiwear is the garment widely used by very wise people in India and other people who feel very enlightened. It was popularized by the salt loving, human rights activist Gandhi.
2.A gandhiwear is basically a white piece of cloth such as a bedroom sheet that is wrapped around the croch area and accross the shoulder for support. Most people that wear gandhiwear look as if they are wearing a huge diaper and walk like if they just dropped a duce in their gandhiwear.
3.Can be used to put out fires.
1. Gandhi himself

2. Dang busta that gandhiwear is tight! I gotta cop me a pair to slang me some reefer.

3. Ricky Bobby: "I'm on fire! Help me Oprah Winfrey use your gandhiwear to get this fire off me!"
by Koomar August 10, 2006
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