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Gameophilia is the variation of human sexuality for people sexually attracted to video game characters.

Sometimes gameophilia is reffered to as "robophilia" when the attraction is not only to video game characters but toward more artificial life like robots, holograms etc...

Not too mistake with toonophilia which reffers to sexual attraction to cartoon and anime characters.
The gameophilia tendency is increasing by the second.
by Samkaril78 March 09, 2008
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Gameophilia is the sexual attraction toward video game characters.Most of the time gameophiles despite humankind.
gameophile 1:video game characters are so hotter than humans!!
gameophile 2:your right man!Humans are ugly and disgusting,I'd rather fuck princess Zelda!
gameophile 3: gameophilia rocks!
by virtual soul November 14, 2006
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