Gacha studio is a game created by a company called lunime where children make anime characters and use those anime characters to make stories in studio mode. The most common (and cliché) stories include the hated child, the hated child who became a princess, the hybrid hated child and last but not least my bully loves me.
Kid: Im gonna make a story on gacha studio
Me: What's it gonna be called?
Kid: The hybrid hated child who became a savage ice princess!
by NoSleepOnWensdays September 27, 2018
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The most popular type of “animation” in 2018. It’s blowing up Youtube with cliche stereotypes, such as”The Hated Child Who Becomes A Princess” or “The Hated Child With Superpowers”.
OMG, did you see that Gacha Studio app that Christie downloaded? She thinks that it will get her more views on her channel!
by TechnoAxe November 28, 2018
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An app developed by Lumine that iOS 7'd everyone's face. Basically kids aged 9-14 (About 11 on average) make characters do either a thing called "The Hated Child" or something sexual, or Mary Sues doing something pretty stupid.

For The Hated Child, it involves this:
2 children will be born. 1 is constantly abused and neglected by her mom. The dad doesn't even give a fuck about anything. This also contributes to child neglection
Chip: Hey Samantha, what are you doing?
Samantha: I am creating an animation called the hated child in gacha studio.
Chip: I am out of here.
by 7point92x57mauser July 18, 2019
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