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A g00ch is group of friends with a member of every ethnicity that isn’t gay but acts very VERY gay. They are usually loud and you can usually find them yelling “NIGGER!” across crowded public places. Every g00ch has lesbian boi with an android. All g00ch members are halal boys who don’t drink or smoke. They enjoy wasting their life playing fortnite (occasionally basketball) and cheating on every test they can, but somehow they are still some of the smartest in their stupid highschool senior class. g00ch members always make fun of others and talk shit. Also, they eat each other's asses for fun.
Who are all those faggots in g00ch
by Rishi Jateen Deejay February 24, 2018
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i group of friends that eat each other’s asses just for fun
i came so many times with my g00ch
by bustin bao July 21, 2017
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Verb - To organise or agree to a session with friends, only to never show up or communicate his/her absence for the organised session.
Are you going to meet up today or are you going to G00CH again?
by LexLeathal February 18, 2017
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