Classified information. Need to know basis only.
Store this story in the G-14 file.
by Rob February 28, 2005
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G14 is a number in the General Service Administration number format (civil servant/federal jobs) that denotes your pay scale. GS levels go from GS-1 to GS-15, where the higher the rank, the higher the pay and level of clearance needed since you'll be exposed to more classified information. Higher G-levels (GS-#) tend to be exposed to more top secret information that could damage public and international trust. If you're G-14 clearance or something is considered G-14 Classified (GS-14), it's top secret or very personal information
"Wow, you know the Muffin Man?! Which house on Drury Lane is his?"
"Sorry, That's G-14 classified."
by Sr. Webstir March 6, 2021
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