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those little balls of God only knows what, that come from between your butt cheeks and seem to collect in your underwear.Origin of said material seems to be : Feces, lint,toilet paper,sweat,general funk of all types and could be semen if you are a fudge packer!
you are as meaningless as a "fuzznugget"
by Mavrik75 February 25, 2013
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A crusted up piece of shit, mixed with toilet paper and lint, that hangs from the fuzz of your anal treasure hole.

See Also: Dingoberry or Dingle Berry
Hey, Im not licking that with a fuzz nugget hanging from it...Grose!
by Umkay November 07, 2007
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1. expired mcdonalds nuggets that have grown their own fuzz
2. a word in place of, "DANG!" or "CRAP!"
3. small wads of dog hair on your carpet (usually in a nugget shape)
"OMG look at all those fuzz nuggets on my carpet!"
by Korindy Halls February 05, 2009
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