The best fucking boy in all the lands, the punk cookie gangster who had a huge man crush on peko is short and will only respond to the nick name boss baby. If you diss him he will teleport behind you, snatch your weave and dab on em haters. He will ask for you to "fite him" and for you to "1v1 me on fortnite fam" beware. He is an asshole at first then realizes he is a peice of shit and slit his chest, you know. Like you do. He is also a pirate because he has an eyepatch.
Ohmygowd did you see Fuyuhiko? He has a tight ass
by A Casual Sinner September 26, 2018
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(Fuyuhiko) is a short bratty best boy. But beware. If you call him (fuyuhiko) and not (baby gangster) or (boss baby) he will epic gamer you to death. He is (Peko Pekoyamas) baby boy boyfren, and also the older brother of (Mahiru koizumis) bully aka (Natsumi) whom he plays minecraft with on the weekends
Friend: I like Danganronpa too! Who’s your favourite cha-
Me: the OG (Boss baby) (fuyuhiko) -᷅_-᷄
by ~Hiyoko’s~hope~bagels~ December 26, 2019
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The best person In Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair with a PLATONIC relationship with Peko Pekoyama. He is often reduced to "Baby man with temper", With nicknames such as "Boss Baby" and "Baby Gangsta".

In reality, Fuyuhiko is a Yakuza with a scary homelife. He has to act tough with a temper to keep his "Manly" persona up. He doesn't want to lose his role as heir to the Kuzuryu Clan.
Person A: Yo! Did you see the new Danganronpa game? I really like Baby Gangsta!
Person B:....Baby Gangsta?
Person C: It's FUYUHIKO, you cretin.
by KazuichiSoudaKinnie October 19, 2020
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A lil' brat that takes Peko for granted. He is annoying and I am willing to step on him.
Peko: Young Master-
-I steal Peko cuz she deserves better-
by Sans_Underman June 27, 2020
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