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1. (verb) Guernesias and Twatois for fucked.
Similiar to the French foutu. Most Guernsey people speak English the majority of the time and few know its literal meaning, "futu" is thus commonly used as a euphemism for knackered.

2. (noun) The name of a Guernsey satricial political cartoon strip: Guernsey Futu (this makes a pun that Guernsey is "knackered" or "broken", as well as "fucked", by its politicians)
Use 1a. "J'suis futu" (Guernsiase contraction of "Je suis foutu") - I am fucked. (lit)
1b. "I'm completely futu."

Use 2. "Did you see the latest FUTU?

by Frogfaerie March 24, 2007
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