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When the gas from a woman's fart enters her vagina. The term is derived as follows: Fart UP pusSY. Not to be confused with a queef, which describes the expulsion of air from a woman's vagina.
If you are a girl, and you are wearing tight jeans, sitting in your car, and you have to fart...if you are sitting, you are already in a "few viable exits" situation; so sometimes the bubble goes FORWARD, and slips up your pussy; voila! Fupsy!!
by dr. ah July 16, 2013
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When one is experiencing a drunk-like state induced by a lack of sleep.

Similar to tipsy, minus the alcohol.

Popularized by Alex Albrecht, of Diggnation and Totally Rad Show fame.
Kevin: It's almost one in the morning!

Alex: So, I'm a little tipsy and he's a little fupsy.
by anaykatyal December 30, 2011
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