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couples who spent all their time attached at the lips and all over each other while in public, short for FUCKING COUPLES!!
man, look at all these fuples-its makin me sick
by surfer_girl May 22, 2007
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A slightly fucked up couple but in a delightfully odd way, not clinically insane or mentally ill, just slightly off. The couple is generally unorthodox maybe even disagreeable to the status quo, but the couple is much more affectionate in public, often seen tongue wrestling or acting like romantic movie characters. Regardless, they won't give a shit because everyone has mental disorder symptoms but in different quantities.
Ex 1: "Damn, that fuple don't give a shit, they ______ing in public"

Ex 2: "aww look how sweet they are..."

"nah that fuple crazy, you can hear them have SM play at least once a month"
by Mr. Lood Dood November 07, 2016
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