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Belly fat that is concentrated in the belly button area. Typically, the rest of the body is not too fat. Acronym for Fat Upper Pelvic Area. I can't take credit for this term- first heard it in 1993.
She is hot except for the fupar hanging over her bikini.
by Big EJW April 15, 2014
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A Spanish verb conjugated regularly which means to make fun of a teacher to her face without her realizing she is being poked fun at.
Sra. Weaver es una idiota y mi clase FUPARON a ella.

Ms. Weaver is an idiot and my class made fun of her to her face and she didn't even realize it.
by BoilBoyleBoile March 28, 2010
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(A play on the word FUBAR)

When a man pokes another man in the fupa, usually by accident, with his penis. The act usually happens during docking ( refer to docking in the urban dictionary), but can happen in other instances as well. Usually the man with the shorter penis receives the poke since he can not reach the other mans fupa with his penis before his partners penis pokes his fupa, but in instances where they are equal in size there will be a double FUPAR.
Craig and Ricky were docking when Ricky's penis slipped, and he FUPARed Craig.
by Gnarly Boots September 17, 2014
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