when a person is not being genuine; or acts a certain way around certain people.
"Have you seen Anna?" "Oh, I don't mess with her funny acting self. I saw her at the mall and she acted like she didn't even know me."
by DMoney91 January 18, 2012
when a person’s behavior drastically changes and becomes more distant and, most of the time, without warning or clear communication.
Ever since you got a new man you been acting funny.

I think I hurt his feelings when I didn’t go to his party. He been acting funny.
by Akachu Pride January 27, 2019
A hilarious rhyme about spending on something when you feel it's easy to part with what you have, then you should treat yourself with this or that.
If your money's acting funny, change a little strange, check out this store and buy all the cool merchandise we have in stock.
by Verrückte Hunde November 23, 2022