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1. fumblebunt, n. (occurence) - when someone is playing a sport in which hitting the ball the wrong way may be referred to as "bunting" and they attempt to bunt the ball but they fail at life so badly that they fumble it at the same time. This is best viewed in slow-motion.

2. fumblebunt, v. (see above)

3. fumblebunt, n. a dry, crusty, diseased elder lady's vagina.
2. "Did you see the Steelers' quarterback yesterday? He must have a few brain cells missing; he fumblebunted about five times!"

3. Fred: "You guys might think this is weird, but I think a fumblebunt is pretty fuckin' hot in a stanky way."

Bob: "Yeah, that's pretty fuckin' gross, dawg."
by KrustyKreatorofKaos December 22, 2017
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