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A Mary-Sue plus Self-insert FMA fangirl from deviantArt. Over 300 of her entries are self-insertion. Her way of drawing is to copy other people's artwork, but instead of drawing the original character from the picture, she simply change the hair color and giving the OC her own name; Crystal. NB! She never give credit, which means in other word: an Art thief

Her most "popular" OC is named Crystal Hopelight, which is clearly a copy of Edward Elric from the famous anime: Fullmetal Alchemist. Crystal appears in "FMA2 - Our Lost Haven", a fan-made FMA story with Crystal helping Edward and Alphonse. In the end, Crystal and Edward fell in love with each other, while Alphonse was pushed to Aruru, another good friend of her, who's also a mary-sue and self-insert fangirl.

Crystal wears automail and exact clothes as Edward. When doing fanart of her own OC (aka herself) together with Edward, she copies a fanart which is for example originally Edwin, she modify Winry Rockbell into Crystal Hopelight (by changing hair color and everything else remains the same), and receive many "awesome" comments from her "fans", who are clearly not better artists than herself.

2th of November, total number of her deviation is up to 370, pageviews of 18,368. Which means, she receive 0.02 view for each deviation she submits. She also attempted to make her own fanclub at deviantArt, but unfortunately, there are no member in this fanclub, how pity.
Quote from Fullmetalwing: "If you try to take Ed from her you'll have a bullet hole in your head
Courtesy of Lt. Riza Hawkeye"

Non-FMW-fan: "Pff! Riza would more likely to shoot YOU in the head instead."
by Pandacat December 05, 2007
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