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1. To become more fearsome than ones average self

2. Becoming something greater than oneself during a clutch moment

3. To succumb to hate fueled hostility

4. Grotesque

A reference to the movie segment "Mother of Toads."

An old witch turns into a beautiful, very fuckable, and green version of herself. This is perceived as hot by many.The slime covered and green hottie has more sex appeal than her human skinned second morph. Everyone is watching intently, when suddenly... she goes full toad, and is no longer just a slightly frog-like, slime covered babe. Oh no, she is now basically a toad on 2 legs, which pushed the weird hot, unique thing too fucking far. (This is what it was inspired by, even though the meaning doesn't correspond to the disposition and agenda of the mother of toads in the movie.)Full toad is akin to going ham, just 27 fold in ferocity.

Everyone has the potential to go full toad, be it by hatred, sexual arousal, self defense, etc. It's almost like going so ham that you become an entirely different monster, for better or worse.
Example 1:

"I was overcome with hate and arousal. The only thing I could do was go full toad."

Example 2:
Person number 1: "That was the grossest thing I've ever seen."

Person number 2: "Yeah, that was full toad."

Example 3:
"Yeah, I was backed in a corner. I had to go full toad or I would've been toast."
by chokapotamus December 28, 2013
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