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Full on ostrich is where you drop everything you have in your hands because you are startled, and then continue to bend over and slam your head into the ground out of fear. Generally this happens when getting nagged, annoying parents, teachers, or tryhard classfellows that try at anything to seem impressive. Going full on ostrich is an excellent defense maneuver to elude these assholes. Its the only way to secure immunity to douche-fucks who want to ruin your day with their streams of annoying diarrhea from their mouth. If you have any close friends who have issues with chodes in their life encourage them to try and go full on ostrich, it saves lives.
Jake: Yo brah, Todd's gf was totally Vcarding his ass.

Paul: Yeah bro, I heard Todd dropped all he was doing and went full on ostrich to escape the vCarding he was about to receive in his ass, what a smart ass bro, bro.
by Adversative March 07, 2014
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