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Fuckwriting is a type of writing that is a flow of emotion.
Fuckwriting is when you write the first word that comes into mind and you don't go back and you change it. It first appeared on DeviantArt on Julian5604's account.
Brainvomit is another, more appropriate word for it.
The first example of fuckwriting was "fuck zombies and fbi rape"
i wake up in a deserted street filled with pop cans and bags. its black and Grey sky shines my eyes to the corner. I loved that girl and the zombies are tearing my heart out. its painful and sarcastic. its so dull. its so boring. i want action with this watermelon. my blood is red and its all over the city. the zombies are closing in on us and its insane. my viens fuck my arm tightly. shit the zomibes are getting closer and I know they want to rape me. they want to fuck this heart so bad. fucking bitch is right there. right there. right there,. right there. this is my last words. these are my last words before the fuck zombies eat my small little arm off. its for the better because i'm deformed. i'm so fucking deformed. i have a small little arm and a tight little hand. oh no here comes the fbi or are they going to save me? shit i odnt know. wow i swear a lot when i'm about to get fucked by zombies.
by Julian5604 June 19, 2008
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