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a person equivalent to the shitty orange flavored store brand Popsicle left over from a variety pack. no one would dare put their mouth on it until they are drunk and standards have been lowered significantly.
"what a fuckpop"
by fancygirl July 03, 2014
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a label used to describe someone who does not like most if not all "top 40" hip-hop, r&b, dance, and mainstream music.


someone who is against the images and sounds invoked by the names britney spears, x-tina, ashlee simpson, justin timberlake, hilary duff, linsey lohan, and others.

can be used in a derogatory manner by those who enjoy pop music.
punx 4 life! fuckpop 4 eva!

katy perry? fuckpop wouldn't care much about it...
by superbigcat June 27, 2008
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