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General term of abuse used quite a lot in the 1980s
Get lost fuckdust.

All right, that's enough fuckdust.

It was fuckdust over here who did it.
by A.J.Specklepot July 24, 2005
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Used to trump the phrase "eat my dust" whilst riding in vehicles in games such as Halo3 and Need for Speed.
Guy1: "Hah! Eat my dust no0b!"
Guy2: (while overtaking Guy1) "pfftt\\, eat my FUCKDUST haxxor!!!"
by Safarukon January 17, 2010
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The dried form of smegma that commonly occurs after having sex with a dry vagina.
This damn fuck dust is driving me apeshit. Maybe I should stop raping people.
by jj the giant cock slinger December 06, 2008
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is term for when you pissed off ,made a mistake
when dropped something and smashed,shout oh fuckdust,or when someone talking rubbish,was used by my womanising grandad in the 60's when accused of something by his wife,would say what a load of fuckdust
by rodimus prime August 23, 2006
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