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the feeling you get after a session of awesome foreplay followed by passionate sex and screaming into a pillow that leaves you out of breath and unable to move except to give a thumbs up to your significant other.
i love being fuckdrunk why does the phone have to ring?
by that girl that invented it. November 12, 2010
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When you are being fucked so well that you enter a complete state of bliss, thus acting and feeling like you are drunk
Jermey was fucking Jonn so good, that Jonn became fuck drunk.
by codster3339 December 18, 2011
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When you think about having sex so much it makes you act clumsily or stupidly. Alternatively acting the same way immediately after having sex.
Trying to sext but I'm so fuckdrunk it's full of typos.
Just got banged so hard I fuckdrunked out the bedroom and knocked over a lamp.
She made me so fuckdrunk I couldn't talk properly.
by QueenofDrama June 04, 2018
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