To completely go off the chain, to explode into a murderous tirade, to have an unparaleled fit, to morph into a tantrum, to blow an arse-gasket, to rip somene a new arsehole, to go on an unforgettable tare, to have a bigtime bitch-fit, to fly into a dangerous, wrath-fueled rage, to go completely off on someone, to treat someone to the uttermost of one's explosive rage, to lose all composure and to totally blow up, to let someone have the angriest, no-holes-barred pieces of your mind, to express the most extremely destructive fury and madness towards another, to exhibit unbridled fury, to hurl oneself at, about, on or around another like a hurricane or an F5 tornado, spewing ones's devastating, furious rage like storm debris aloft on the circulating , whirling, swift currents of its eye or vortex, to verbally anhillate someone else who is deemed deserving of nothing less.
Gunner "twisted the fuck off" on his roommate because his roommate banged Gunner's girlfriend while Gunner was out shopping for a suitable engagement ring for the girl he thought he wanted to marry.

She "twists the fuck off" on anyone who dares to call her the "c-word" because she hates that derogatory slang word like no other spoken word.

While Reverend G. is generally not the type to "twist the fuck off," you should not do anything that might enfuriate him.

Slandra warned the store clerk, "Do not make me "twist the fuck off" on you for being such an imbecile. I can go off quicker than a cap on a bottle of the cheapest champagne."
by CunningLinguist'sWordsmith January 13, 2023
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