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A person, usually male, who will go after a girl he believes will be the quickest and easiest girl to have sex with, regardless of quality. Similar to how a male lion will go after whatever female he can get, regardless of quality.
"John went straight for the wasted girl stripping on the dance floor, what a fuck lion."
by Switzerland: TWP December 22, 2007
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1. an extremely intimidating pet. 2. genitalia.
1. Survey: Do you own any pets, and if so what do you have?

Marques Slocum: i got a fuck lion now come fuck wit me

(from an online survey)

2. Click on the link below to let potential suitors at tailgates and other football-associated activities know that you’ve got the king/queen of the jungle in your pants. (from Orson Swindle)
by the fuck lion king September 24, 2009
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