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someone you don't have a real relationship with, just a sexual one.
Friend: How are you and Joey doing??
Other Friend: Me and Joey? Oh, he's just my fuck bae
by urbanprodigy June 28, 2016
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A sexual partner whom you have no relationship with, but you would fuck them before anyone else.
Just had amazing sex with Mike! He's not really my boyfriend, but I would fuck him before anyone else. He's totally my fuck bae. friends with benefits friend with benefits fwbsex fuckfuck bae fuckbuddyfuck buddies boyfriend girlfriendbae before anyone elseslut
by YoBoiRonRon January 24, 2016
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when bae is low key a fuck boy but you still love them
friend: what did he ask you for??
me: nudes, he's such a fuckbae i love him tho
by flirtyeating August 24, 2017
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