Interjection of Cuban Spanish origion used when someone else smacks their head on something, falls, or otherwise causes themselves pain accidentally, particularly if you foresaw it happening. Likened to "wham."
You see your buddy slip on your ice-covered walk while carrying a case of beer.
"Fuacata! You alright dude? I knew someone would fall on that walk."
by Hectorzzz March 17, 2007
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The spanish language brother of the word Booya! Used whenever you need to exclaim how right you are or showcase superiority on anything at all. Unlike Booya, Fuacata is usually said in the beginning of the sentence.
Fuacata! Now who's your daddy? I told you I'm a better basketball player than you.


No one can beat me in Grand Theft Auto. Fuacata!
by Diana S. March 23, 2007
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