A descriptive word for when a girl doesn't wash her vagina, and is then fingered, producing a foamy, smelly substance on the finger.
Man, she was so frothy my fingered smelled for an entire two days, and anytime I ate with my hands I almost puked.
by Saladboy55 April 29, 2009
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To stay on top of things. On top of your

game. to sit at the the top.
keep your eyes on the prize, stay frothy.
by thaDoc007 March 19, 2011
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When your boyfriend blows his happy gallon of load juice in to your spinal column and then goes to dye his hair black like the ancient Buddhist Warrior, Frothy McDanglejeans.
My bf just totally went frothy on me.

by Pat Humperdink Willy December 03, 2003
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The uncomfortable feel of one's balls on a hot day - think the foam on the top of a cappuccino
Man, I have been walking around all day and now my nuts are frothy.
by cheese wagon August 28, 2006
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You know when you get a cappuccino and theres all that froth on top of it? Being all luscious and legitimate? Thats how I feel 99%

Charismatic, free, delicious, dope, weird.
Person 1: "Lets get dressed like sloths, feed each other raw eggs and start the revolution! Im feeling fuckin Frothy man!"
Person 2:"I dont know man, im just feeling that frothy today. Sloths give me the creeps"
by daz3y March 05, 2015
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Especially sexual or sexually related. Something that looks like semen. Can also be used to mean aroused or horny, sexy, or as a discription of something like clothes.
Oooh... The way she's dancing is gettin' me really frothy.

His smile made me frothy.

That dress is frothy as hell, girl!
This magazine is frothy... What is this Maxim?
Doesn't Rediwhip kinda look frothy?
by randomnity92 November 14, 2009
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When a dragon decides to bathe, it is customary for them to masturbate aswell. And as most know, a dragon's sperm is deep red, the color of the burning sun of Atlantia IV (where most dragons are born).

The bubbles of that bath are what Frothy is.
Your frothy coffee is frothy.
by Bubzandronnie June 13, 2008
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