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The term used when someone licks a toad and gets absolutely munted from it.
"Dude, Milly just licked a toad and now she's froggy fucked"
"Cunts froggy fucked"
"Oi, instead of spending money on alcohol, let's just get froggy fucked"
by cp3hoe February 13, 2017
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While having intercourse doggy style, you also hop around the room as if you were horny mating frogs hopping from lilly pad to lilly pad. The point of the position is to try and keep your dick in your bitches snatch while in hopping mode. (In most circumstances, this act is preformed with a skinny younger guy and an obese mother who is still married or in the middle of a divorce.)
Roger from science class: "I froggy fucked your mom last night, we were like two bull frogs during mating season"
Peter: "What the fuck, dude! That's bull shit, my mom is still married.
by Jacinda and Ellie April 12, 2008
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