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A belief that everyone must label their sexuality (eg. straight, gay, bi, etc), and a fear, dislike, or hatred of people who do not.

Also a fear, dislike, or hatred of people who are in relationships (usually with someone of the same gender) without verbalizing a sexuality (eg. disliking a relationship between two girls because neither of them are homosexual, bisexual, etc.)

Friexusophobic people will often not see relationships as legitimate unless both of the people in the relationship have labeled themselves with a sexuality.

Friexusophobic people will also often label the sexuality of other people, saying that "oh, those two girls are dating, they must be lesbians," or "that guy likes girls and guys, he must be bisexual." Even if people have never labelled themselves that way, friexusophobic people will feel the need to give them a label (sometimes because they don't understand why people choose not to give themselves one).

Usually, the only circumstance where friexusophobics will accept relationships between non-labelled people is if it's a relationship between a guy and a girl, often just assuming that both people in the relationship are heterosexual, and only having an issue if either person verbalizes that they "aren't straight" or if either person in the relationship has been with someone of the same gender in the past.
"My father has friexusophobia, he isn't okay with me dating another girl because I won't call myself gay."
by Asuguchukifubissa March 29, 2017
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