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Combination of friendship and simp.

(noun) one who simps for a person in a platonic (non-sexual, non-romantic) manner.

(verb) the act of simping in a platonic manner.
A: "I've donated $100 to this streamer in the past week. He's not my type, but I would die to be his friend."

B: "You're such a friendsimp."
by Ramm_Stein July 02, 2020
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A person who simps for people so they will be their friend. (friendsimp sounds like friendship).
For example, acting like a person for them to like you. Or snapping someone back in seconds even though they take 17 hours to snap you back. Sort of like a simp in the friend zone. NOT a word you want to be referred to as.
Taylor is such a friendsimp she won’t leave me alone!
by hakeyrat May 01, 2020
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(n). A person or people who simp on each other on a friendship level.

Created by

Twitter/IG: @mellygoody

ie. "You waited for me to get off work? Aww thanks dawg! Friendsimpin!"
by @mellygoody October 24, 2013
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in which a friend will simp over a friend and do anything for them because they’re besties
shelby: i’m a friend simp, i’ll make us math notes
katie: you’re the best friend simp ever
by litttnesss January 25, 2021
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Friends who simp after one another and will die for each other.
"Dude, you are my bestfriend. I would so simp after you."
"Dude. I already simp after you."
"...Dude, friendsimp."
by Realmsfate April 01, 2020
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