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A very rough scale, usually used in jest, to establish how close you are with a given individual. The friendometer is divided into two sections, acquaintances and friends, which have more specific categories within them:


Weak Acquaintance - someone you know by name, and will say hello to

Strong Acquaintance - same as above, may have brief conversation. Friends-of-friends and friends-by-association usually fall into this category

Weak friend - can have brief, meaningful conversation with, but see rarely. Some friends-by-association can be this.

Friend - the average, you can hang out with this person and have normal, graceful conversation.

Good friend - someone who you chill with a lot and have meaningful conversation

Close friend - someone who you always want to hang out with and can tell almost anything to

Best friend - someone who you would sacrifice a lot for, who you admire and love deeply, and to whom you can tell anything about your life; usually you have 5 or 6 best friends in the whole world, including family members
The friendometer is helpful when trying to assess one's closeness to someone, but obviously like all scales cannot completely describe the way the world operates.
by Col. Hans Landa November 15, 2011
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