The 'Fridge-Oven', also known as the 'Loaferiser' and the 'Bloody Useless Contraption', originated from the stupid mind of Ben Watkins (now deceased, due to a malfunctioning FridgeOven.

The FridgeOven itself comprises of one momumental chamber. This chamber includes useful racks to keep food elements hot or cold. It should be known to first-time buyers that a 240 X 10(456) electrical power supply is required to power a FridgeOven; likewise, it also requires general upkeep and diesel refuelling every 47 seconds or so.

Two Formula1 engines power the concept behind the FridgeOven; one provides temperatures plummeting below Absolute Zero, whilt the latter provides a simulation of the earth's core, when the unit is required for cooking purposes. The two engines, each providing noise levels exceeding 379 decibels, constantly cancel eachother out, therefore providing no actual cooking or cooling power whatsoever. However, i does come with a stylish Loaftanium casing, which was especially invented to make this contraption safe.

The only flaw of the FridgeOven is the occasional engine failure which, depending on which ending as failed, will either cause another Ice Age, or a climate change to that of the planet Mercury.

The FridgeOven is now retailing at all retailers with no common sense, at the RRP of £245 billion.
"Just make sure not to open the door to the FridgeOven while it is in operation" -FridgeOven manual
by PiG30|\| December 10, 2004
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A FridgeOven is a fridge with an oven on top. It is alot like a fridgefreezer but far more useful because it provides a heating unit aswell as a keeping cold thingy. It was invented by the Master Ben Watkins and is copyrighted ©BWat LTD
Like a fridgefreezer but different
by Lenwë Sáralondë October 21, 2004
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