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The freshness-check protocol or just the freshness-check is a method used to determine the mental state of a potential mate. The axiom of this procedure is that in a relationship, it is difficult to determine the cognitive image one's parter has of their counterpart. This can cause a significant communication breakdown as each party has no common reference with which to establish the state of the relationship. The freshness-check can also be used to identify the level of cognitive awareness one's partner has in general.

It is appropriate to enact the check when one feels as-though you have lost meaningful communication with the partner do to a failure of shared relationship frame of reference, as described in the synopsis. For most accurate results of the freshness-check, it is bet to be in a private situation with one's partner. Having complete concentration on the partner is critical for accurate analysis of the results. With out warning, one places their hand upon a inanimate region of the partners anatomy. Then apply firm pressure to allow the partner to know that the contact was entirely intentional and in no way a accidental brushing. The location, pressure and duration of the contact is variable, it is discretion of the enactor to adjust them as necessary. Physiology, mental state, and timing are all major factors in the action, one must must aware oth them before, during, and after the action.

Once the freshness-check is concluded the checker will observe a reaction similar to the following three results: shock and acceptance, shock and rejection, or indifference. Shock and acceptance denotes that unwarranted physical contact is acceptable or at-least tolerable. Shock and rejection denotes that physical contact is unacceptable. Indifference shows that the partner is completely unaware of their-self or their surroundings. It is most-likely that the actual observed reaction will be somewhere within the range of the three extreme outcomes. The observer will be able to perceive the mental state of the partner from the reaction. This in turn will allow both parties to have a common frame of reference to communicate within.

Repeated checks:
A major facet if the freshness-check protocol is the element of surprise. Repeated attempts will create diminishing returns. The results of these check will be biased from previous checks.

The procedure is similar to that if testing supermarket produce for its freshness by squeezing it.
I still can not believe you enacted the freshness-check protocol.

I was not sure where the relationship was going, so I used the freshness-check protocol
by Robin_L July 27, 2005
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