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The act of dropping your pants and taking a shit no matter where you are at the time.
I was in the park the other day and saw a bum freeshitting next to the fountain.
by Blind Jimmy June 02, 2014
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Free shitting is the art of litterally taking a shit wherever one damn well pleases. for example, you walk outside see a place you feel like taking a shit, so you remove your pants and force the shit out wherever you fucking want and walk on like a badass.
Expert or competetive free shitters can drop rather than remove their pants and forcefully even explosively free shit in a methodlogy that doesnt require any wiping of shit from anal areas.

Usually expert or competitive free shitters can cause a fecal explosion within seconds and walk on without as little as a batted eyelid. If one was to closely examine the Anus whilst undertaking free shitting, it would look more like a mouth, projectile vomiting fecal matter out in a powerful fountain.

But an amateur must not force free shitting too quickly or risk a prolapse or terrifying mess, covering themselves and or loved ones in shit.
The Free Shitting man walked past our house, stopped on the footpath and within a matter of seconds there was a giant turd on the ground.

Upon looking up he was already walking away. That man was a free shit expert.
by esssssjaaayy March 09, 2018
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