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1. A flag that stands for freedom.
2. "Le Tricolore" - The flag of France (in the present anti-French climate). This strikes me as being hilariously amusing because the entire reason why the Congress renamed French fries in the first place was to show that France did not support military action for freedom. The ironic juxtaposition inherent in the subtextual deconstructuralist narrative frame of this dialogical reificate is so funny that it makes me want to shit my pants, wipe it on the windows, and then run naked through Congress with my hands in the air gibbering like a lunatic.
1. Dude, the American flag is the only freedom flag in the world because everybody knows that America is the only free country in the world.

2. What flag do the French have then?

1. Shit.
by HMB May 11, 2003
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A flag standing for freedom... which of course does not exist. There's no freedom so a "freedom flag" actually stands for a lying government, most usually the United States of America.
Republican: "Everybody knows that the US stands for liberation, everybody..."

Realist: "Yeah sure, just don't look outside the US. Everyone in Europe thinks it stands for shit..."

Republican: "Of course not, it's the only freedom flag left!"

Realist: "Haha... whatever, Yank. I didn't know freedom was occupation, and I didn't know liberation was a slaughter! All those corpses can, at least, decompose freely..."

Republican: "No, no, no. We're preserving them... as trophies of a successful campaign..."

Realist: "What the fuck?!"

Republican: "We killed all those nasty terrorists!"

Realist: "You killed everyone!"

Republican: "Like the small number of terrorists!"

Realist: "No... I'#m talking to one. What the fuck?!"
by wez-1 August 14, 2005
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