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The Freeberg. Originated in the mid 90's by a man named Pete Freeberg. This is the process of rolling up paper towels into big balls, wetting them and throwing them at people or places. They can be as small as golf balls up to the size of a big melon.

To make these you simply use paper towels or toilet paper from any source that you don't own like public restrooms etc. Simply wet the ball of paper under a sink with luke warm water and compress them gently with hands to remove excess water. This will make them very explosive, easier to throw and less conspicuous before the attack. The final step is to find a person or surface to chuck this thing at. Best results are achieved on flat surfaces.

**NOTE: The longer the water sits on the paper ball the more explosive the results will be when it hits its target.
I was in class the other day and when the teacher turned her back my buddy freeberged the chalkboard!!

Did you see Bob freeberg Chad's wall the other day?

We were freeberging at the party and it got out of control.
by Danny Oceanz December 15, 2009
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