A concept propagated by hippies and other counter-culture rebels during the tumult of the 60s and 70s. The idea is that people should be free to love each other with no commitment besides what they feel is right.
This was tied in with such cultural landmarks as communes and Woodstock, and lead to quite a few confused young people having as much sex as possible, due to an urge to break old boundaries and rules and explore their newfound "free" sexuality.
Hippie 1: "Hey man."
Hippie 2: "Yeah, man, what's up?"
Hippie 1: "They're having a protest meeting over on that hill tommorow night. There's gonna be a lot of girls there."
Hippie 1: "Righteous, man."
Random Bystander: "Why do you kids all have sex with each other? There's no commitment anymore..." *shakes head*
Hippie 1: "Hey, man, that's not cool. Free love, man, peace love and happiness!"
Hippie 2: "Yeah, and screw the establishment!"

*Random Bystander walks away*
by bluesmobile March 18, 2006
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trying to get some from anything with a pulse
Charlies Love journal p.54 section:3 subsection:7 paragraph:1
by The Gang June 22, 2003
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a park, "duh" which was designed as a terminus for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. was found as a awsome a$$ place to skate(board) due to its curved steps.
the term free love park started when skateboarding was banned there for no reason at all.
the new mayor better free love park
by life2sk8ing March 7, 2008
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sucka free love means a dating or marital relationship free from games, fakery, manipulation, abuse, control, fraud, or frontin'. Loving sucka free means you wisely choose your romantic partners and have no problem nexting chumps, losers, cheats or emotionally unavailable chicken heads from your life. Sucka free love means you love and respect yourself more than you ever love someone else.
Todd woke up one morning next to his new girl Ramona and shivered thinking about that controlling jealous witch he was dating last year realized he finally hknew what sucka free love was all about!
by Deborrah Cooper March 10, 2008
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