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When you get crazy high one night, and it comes back to haunt you the next day. Coined by the coolest mexican in the states (i'm legal, don't worry).
Guy 1: Dude, did u go outside and get blazed?
Guy 2: Fuckin free refill man, and I didn't even pay for it.
by laker72 November 11, 2007
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The act (performed by a male) of retrieving one’s load from his partners mouth via kissing them after engaging in oral sex.
β€œI finished in her mouth, we kissed, i got ma kids back and hooroo a free refill!”
by Smerdocunt August 03, 2018
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Defines the size of something big as in a person or an object. As in when you go to the movie theater and when you buy the biggest size of popcorn or drink you get a Free Refill with it.
Guy 1: F*** no I'm not gonna hit that?
Guy 2: Why not?
Guy 1: She's like Free Refill size!
by Pfff you know me. November 24, 2010
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