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online collection of porn containing only OAPs, for lost little teenagers and the unemployed. is apparently a forum based on old computer games, but that's just a very pathetic alibi.
jimbob: hey, my 56K on AOL is working again, let's go in my house and look at some free oldies.
dave: no, i'm not a sick fuck.
by The Real Thrax June 23, 2003
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Pathetic web site and forum made by ignorant people who take "FO" as their purpose in life and "job".

Strangly, also linked with free porn of old people (mature porn), but in this case, it's just a bunch of french guys that used to be in a neo facsist klu klux klan and stupid fucking old people like Storm Rider and Weasel Wardancer who push their neo nazi beliefs on a web forum, in hope of a resurection for their fuhrer.
guy: Hey this forum looks good I think i'll register.

dude: no way man, you'll just get your ass flamed off the forum, and end up getting banned for no reason.
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
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see free oldies

quicky: 1 - a site created by former skinheads and SS officers that escaped trial that supports piracy and right wing facist dictatorship, tyranny, despotism and totalitarism

2 - mature porn fetish, a site that offers free porn involving old 60+ year olds in action
man that place is like free oldies. it sucks ass.
by Shenmoo June 17, 2004
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