The term used by guys to address a girl who's easy to get; a girl who is not that hot but who guys hook up with anyway because they don't have to work for her.

Think of your least flavor of ice cream. If someone offered it to you for free, would you take it? Probably. If you had to pay for it, would you still buy it? Probably not. This is how guys think of girls. If there's a flavor of ice cream they don't have to work for, they'll take it. If it's not worth working for, then they wont.
Guy: "So you going to get with sally tonight? She's not that hot."
Other guy: "Yea I know but that's some free ice cream right there, she's dying for my dick."
by hellohelloworld October 17, 2011
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this is just another way to say the word Fuck.
where the fat-free-ice-cream are we going?
what the fat-free-ice-cream?!
by Steve Stromboli July 25, 2008
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ice cream given by a creeper who is most likely a murderer rapist who will hunt you down and kill you because free ice cream is non-existent and you will pay. Sooner or later...
"OH MY GOSH, he gave me free ice cream!"

"No Hannah.... You will pay... Sooner or later..."
by realeyesrealizereallies July 8, 2014
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