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noun /FREL-uh-see/

1. The perceived and often irrational threat of the loss of a valued friendship to another, even if the alleged usurper is also a friend. May be triggered when one discovers the friend in question is/has been fraternizing with others in one's absence, possibly through social media posts, word of mouth, or even if the information is volunteered firsthand.
2. Misguided resentment suffered by a semi-psychotic individual upon the realization that he/she is not the only friend of someone they hold dear, fueled by his/her own insecurities and possibly a latent fear of inadequacy.
3. A frealous disposition, attitude, or feeling.

Origin: portmanteau word derived from friend + jealousy; Middle English frend (friend), from Old English frēond (friend, lover, relative), cognate with Old Saxon friund, Old High German friunt, Gothic frijōnds, orig. present participle of frēogan, cognate with Gothic frijōn and Old English frēon (to love) and frēo (free) + Middle English gelusie, jelosie, from Old French gelosie, equivalent to gelos (jealous) + -ie (-y).
Geraldine: Hang on, let me invite Lillie to go with us.
Anyone else: She's not even in town, though. Why would you invite her if she can't come along?
Geraldine: You have no idea... The frealousy is strong with that one.
by alfredog83 January 16, 2015
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