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when at a party you tell all of your fraternity brothers that you're going to go have sex with a girl and what time they should go to the room. you keep the door of the room you go to have sex in unlocked and start hookin up. you last as long as you can and when the time comes up when you told your fraternity brothers to come in the room they run in and surround the bed or wherever you're having sex on screeming and shouting RODEO! RODEO! RODEO!

the goal of the shouting is to see how long you can last before she bucks you off...

if you last 8 seconds or longer you're a pro at the frat rodeo!
frat boy1: dude i'm gonna go do this chick, rodeo in like 10 minutes!

frat boy2: aight man i'll round up the boys...

10 minutes later

whole fraternity: RODEO! RODEO! RODEO!

girl: ahhhhhhh

frat boy1: (starts counting aloud) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 hells yes!

girl: grabs clothes and takes off

whole fraternity to frat boy1: mad props dude, fuckin sweet rodeo, you rode it like a champ, dude thats total definition frat rodeo!

by $eth March 07, 2007
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