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In utilizing a gym's weights and exercise equipment, it is common knowledge that there is a certain code of etiquette that all must adhere to in order for the gym to run functionally. "Frat Curlers" do the exact opposite. A "Frat Curler" is normally easily to spot, for they are usually the skinniest and most thin of all men "working" out at a gym. Because of their sheer size, they resort to wearing "wife-beaters" or cut up tank tops to show off their well defined, enormously vascular 13 inch arms and 28 inch chest. They are always wearing some type of fitted baseball hat, usually the local college they attend (or pretend to attend, as is usually the case in northwest Indiana). They also always have tattoos. Frat Curler tattoos are always easily identified because they are cliche'd, lame and about 5 years out of style. Straight up, their barb wire/tribal/chain around the arm, Big hollow sharp point cross, Japanese/Chinese/Asian character font on the arm are "played out". A Frat Curler never does his research or bothers to try out anything innovative that would gain him an upper hand in trying to get a bigger body, hence the "reason" most frat curlers come to the gym is to try and hit on "cardio bunnies". Frat Curlers completely ignore all aspects of afforementioned "gym etiquette" by picking up a barbell, loading it up with a few plates, then having the audacity to stand in the power cage/squat rack and perform bicep curls, much to the dismay of actual bodybuilders and weight lifters that are at the gym to get something accomplished. It doesn't just stop there though, as the typical frat curler has to try and show off how amazingly HUGE his 13 inch teenage girl looking arms are by flexing in the mirror after he finishes his NO-XPLODE Drink and finishes his "dude!" every-3-word conversation on his iphone.
If you see a frat curler at your gym, please drop a 25 pound plate on his sandaled feet, this will act as a repellant and you will be able to squat/deadlift in the power cage/rack in peace, the way it should be.
Think of a "prep" with shaggy hair, wearing a wife beater and college hat and you have a "frat curler"

Frat Curlers usually leave plates around, with complete disregard to gym etiquette.

frat curlers usually have a physique similar to Hannah Montana: small and weak
by gatesoftanhauser April 01, 2008
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